Passenger-Wi-Fi with ivanto

Passengers of PaderSprinter enjoy an additional service: free Wi-Fi in the Paderborn city buses offers fast surfing, chatting and e-mailing.

This service expands the promotion of WLAN systems in the approximately 170 regional buses that travel in the districts of Paderborn and Höxter. Passengers can thus use the WLAN offer in all buses of the Hochstift.

PaderSprinter GmbH equips its own fleet of 100 vehicles. The ivantoCore communication module from GeoMobile GmbH is used as vehicle router.

The Nahverkehrsverbunde Paderborn/Höxter (nph) supports the project. The data technology coordination of the WLAN project is carried out by the Verbundgesellschaft Paderborn / Höxter mbH (VPH).

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