BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) shows ground breaking innovations in public transport. Amongst these is the smartphone-based, accessible vehicle interaction of GeoMobile.

Accessibility in public transport based on real-time-information that the passenger receives directly from the vehicle. Remote control of the bus: The passenger sends stop and service requests from his phone to the vehicle. And mobile ticketing based on a Check-In/Be-Out-System: The vehicle itself offers the mobile ticket to the customer and detects the end of the journey without any further interaction. These are the items that GeoMobile presented on 27th and 28th of August 2016 in a bus of BVG at the Department for Transport (BMVI) in Berlin. BVG equipped one of its busses with GeoMobile’s smart communication module, ivantoCore, for this purpose.

The Federal Government opened doors and nearly 100.000 visitors joined. Chancellery, Federal Press Office, Federal Ministries and Federal Intelligence Service were visitor attractions despite of mid-summer-heat.

Further Information, official Website of The Federal Government