Buying tickets via ivanto applications is getting easier by using Amazon Pay

The latest versions of our public transport applications, Essen Mobil and Mutti, are updated with a new payment method: With this feature of our popular application BOGESTRA and Ruhrbahn belong to the first public transportation organisation throughout Europe to allow customers to pay for their bus and train tickets with Amazon Pay.

Within the VRR area Essen Mobil and Mutti offer the user the possibility to select the desired connection, to find a station on the map or to check current departure times at their front doors with only a few clicks. Mobile purchase of tickets is integrated and works. Establishes payment mehtods are Paypal, direct debit, credit card and billing via telecommunications provider.

Another useful function is offered with the latest update: The digital payment method was expanded and now supports Amazon Pay.

This way the customer is able to pay for his ticket simply by logging into his regular Amazon account which saves him time and effort.

Ruhrbahn and BOGESTRA are proud to offer the customer another familiar payment method with Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay allows customers worldwide to pay on websites and applications from third- party providers by using the stored information in their Amazon accounts. Amazon is happy that BOGESTRA and Ruhrbahn are the first public transportation organisations in Europe who implemented Amazon Pay in their online shop and application, according to Giulio Montemagno. Amazon wants that customers benefit from the convenience, reliability and confidence of Amazon’s payment method.

If you don’t have Mutti yet you can download it for free: