The intelligent bus stop is the latest building block in the efforts of the VKU in the district of Unna for more accessibility in public transport.
The Bus.Hör.Stelle expands the ivanto system of GeoMobile for passengers who are traveling without a smartphone. The smart station interacts via Bluetooth with the incoming bus and announces its line number and its destination. At the press of a button, the departure monitor informs about the upcoming departures by means of voice output.
The Bus.Hör.Stelle is designed as a help for blind or visually impaired people and sends a continuous pilot tone. But also those, who can not read or who have difficulties with the timetable, get quick help. For the hearing impaired, the speech output feeds an induction loop.
The smart bus stop is part of the project “JederBus”. Financed by the county of Unna, it aims to enable disabled to use public transport.
Further information: Website VKU Unna (only in german) or ivanto